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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 11, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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developing news from the white house. two secret service ages under investigation tonight facing allegations of driving under the influence and hitting a barrier outside the white house. good evening. >> those secret service agents were driving in a government vehicle. one of the agents is a senior member of president obama's protective detail. abc news reporter andy field is in washington. >> reporter: the latest
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embarrassment for the embattled secret service. two agents allegedly drove into a barricade near the white house. according to the "washington post," they were drunk, in a government vehicle after attending a retirement party last week for a fellow secret service agent. officers on duty wanted to arrest them, but a supervisor let them go home. it comes as a brand-new director heads the secret service. >> i think when you fail, and we have failed we own it. it's up to us to correct it. >> reporter: strong words from joseph clancy whose agency is on major damage control. before this incident there was the prostitution investigation into more than a dozen agents in columbia in 2012. agents drunk on presidential detail in amsterdam in 2014. just months after that perhaps the most embarrassing a man who scaled the white house fence making it to a stairway leading to the first family's living headquarters. >> the white house is going to be secure. >> reporter: the white house will only say that president obama has been informed of the allegations. clancy said the secret service
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inspector general, a top member of the president's investigative detail, will investigate the two agents accused of driving drunk in a government car. andy field, abc news, washington. a major development tonight in an oakland murder case. police are questioning potential suspects in connection with a shootout that killed a woman shielding her two children from gunfire. police won't say if they have made any arrests at this point. the shooting happened after several women got into an argument monday afternoon on chestnut street. 30-year-old chamill pierce was walking near bay inging nearby with her 7 and #-year-old children. a mother's instinct is to protect her children but she died after a bullet struck her in the head. if you have additional information, please come forward immediately. the family of the ucsf dental student was found murdered.
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her cousin found her dead monday in her apartment. here's laura anthony. >> reporter: residents of a quiet albany street are still trying to come to grips with the murder of a woman inside her apartment in a city that hasn't had a homicide for more than a decade. this neighbor never locked her doors, until now. >> now i lock. now i'm scared. now i lock. >> i heard like somebody was crying. >> reporter: this man lives a few yards away from his neighbor was found dead inside her apartment. discovered by her cousin. >> i heard a young man on the phone calling the police or you know, he was saying that you know can somebody come and help. my cousin has been killed. in our apartment. >> when he opened the door basically what he said he found the body on the floor. >> reporter: that cousin told us by phone that the apartment door was closed when he arrived but not locked. she was laying in a pool of blood, a bullet casing on the
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floor. singh told us the family is devastated right now. each one of us is crying night and day. we can't put a finger on why anyone would do this. there is some indication she recently met a man on the internet. but it's not clear if it played a role in her murder. this neighbor lives in the apartment next door. >> shocking to me. devastated to hear it on behalf of those who a related to and friends of this young woman. it's really surprising to hear. >> reporter: the 37-year-old girl was in her final semester in a dental program. her cousin told us she was a practicing dentist in her native india. now he says that's where they will take her body, home for burial. in albany laura anthony, abc 7 news. a family of five is hospitalized after a fire ripped through their home in san francisco's mission district. more from abc 7 news reporter.
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>> reporter: firefighters acted quickly this morning to rescue five family members from different parts of this mission district. >> they were able to rescue two boys out the front of the building where the ladder is behind me. the young girl down the stairs the entranceway. >> reporter: while they were doing that they discovered two more people slipping inside the liquor store. firefighters had to cut through two padlocks to rescue them. >> we discovered multiple beds and make-shift beds in there. but there was two people that were actually in a room. >> reporter: they were not injured and ran from the location. in october 2014 a complaint was filed for using that commercial space for residential purposes. the department of building inspections tried to enter the premises three times, and were denied access. the father's name is mohammed. he and his family have lived and
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worked in the neighborhood for years. >> sad. because, you know, it's a next-door neighbor. we shopped there all the time. >> reporter: all five family members remain in the hospital. >> i felt bad. he was here with his kids. >> reporter: the department of building inspections posted a notice to keep people out. almost everything they owned was destroyed. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, answer 7 news. a police officer already charged with rape could be charged with more charges. he was accused of raping a woman when re responded to a domestic abuse call last december. prosecutors filed five new enhancements, use of a garm being armed with a gun and unlawful entry. he's been on paid administrative leave since last march.
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harsh criticism from a group of religious leaders the clergy filed a complaint with the office of citizen complaint. they say the shooting of perez last month was not justified. perez was killed by two undercover officers after he did not follow orders to drop a knife. the complaint alleges that perez who did not speak english may not have understood the undercover officers. they wanted an independent investigation. >> the conflicts of the stories, all remains unresolved because we cannot get any indictment. so that's the problem. the stories are not that clear. >> san francisco police claim the shooting was justified and that perez was trying to rob a bicyclist with a knife. an alert for a stolen urn full of ashes. the urn is a distinctive one. check it out. it was taken in a burglary last month, and it contains the
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remains of a victim's mother. the days of paying your bridge tolls in cash could soon come to an end. local leaders took a step in that direction today. here's jonathan bloom. >> reporter: the bay bridge toll plaza can take a toll on drivers. >> we pay with cash. it's horrible. it's taking us over an hour to get to the city. >> reporter: what is to be done about this? >> i don't know. i don't want to go to san francisco. >> reporter: even drivers who aren't paying cash can get stuck behind drivers who are. >> they're slowing us town. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge transferred to all electronics in 2015. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge uses a combination of fast track and license plate readers to send a bill in the mail for people who don't have an account. the toll authority unanimously agreed to spend money on a one-year study. >> analyzing the operational status of the bridges.
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>> reporter: it's nothing compared to the millions they'd save. >> the future of toll collection is all electronic. the question is, how do you build that bridge to the future. >> reporter: first the growing pains, when the golden gate bridge switched over fas track took a nose dive. an investigation showed some drivers being fined for toll evasion before the bill ever showed up. there's even a class action suit in the works. if you call to complain -- >> it takes a long time to get through to a human being to solve the problem. it's capacity problems on the website. >> reporter: then there are the toll takers. a job that's slowly fading into history. >> you obviously don't want to see people lose jobs. >> reporter: there was no comment on what becomes of the workers. the golden gate bridge did find jobs for most of theirs. nothing will change until the study is finished next february. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. much more ahead on this
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wednesday night. coming up, the silicon valley executive of gender discrimination. the victim of a vicious movie goes back to class. the weather went from wet this morning, to how about some warmth as we hit the weekend. we'll take a look at the temperatures coming up. and new developments in ferguson where the chi
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the silicon valley capitalist suing her former employer for gender discrimination underwent a second day of cross-examination today. the attorneys try to discredit ellen pow's testimony. abc news reporter tiffany wilson has the latest developments from san francisco superior court. >> reporter: terse answers and tense exchanges were the hallmarks of today's cross-examination. lynn hurley repeatedly using ellen's own words against her, to contradict statements she made in front of the jury. andisplayed a number of e-mails of the account of the events following her affair. like this e-mails after the affair. sometimes it's harder than other times. an e-mail showed powell agreed randy should get a board seat. in the lawsuit, powell said she
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was passed over because of maternity leave. the senior editor of the recode has covered this case since 2012. >> ellen powell her personality is really at stake in this case because her former co-workers are agreeing she was really hard to work with. and that's why she was fired. and she's arguing she didn't get the opportunities that she deserved because she was a woman. roars roars. >> reporter: during the launch break -- >> perkins is trying to argue that the reason ellen powell brought this case is because her family was in dire financial straits. >> reporter: the hedge fund went bankrupt right after she filed suit, and previously her attorneys got the information barred from the trial. the judge will decide on the new motion at 7:30 tonight. tiffany wilson abc 7 news. a bay area fifth grader went back to school after he said he was bullied by another student.
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the 11-year-old nathan was knocked unconscious by another student at downer elementary in january. the alleged bully was suspended but went back to school. today nathan's mother told us after several meetings that student has finally been kicked out. >> he was ecstatic this morning. he was excited to get back to school. he's a very intelligent boy. and he belongs in school getting the proper education. >> i felt kind of -- if i went back to school i feel really scared. now since the bully's gone, i was really excited to be back here. >> nathan said he felt safe returning to school today. apple suffered a rare breakdown today to the frustration of music lovers and app users all around the world. maybe it hapd to you. the disruption affected some of the most widely used and most profitable websites the app store and itunes store.
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for most of th day you could get to the sites but you could not download anything. after people began venting on social media apple issued an apology blaming the problem on an internal error. they had it fixed this afternoon. a great comeback for a man-made lagoon devastated last year. waterfowl are back at the site. last year's cholera outbreak killed 200 ducks. december's heavy rain brought back the birds. >> we observed that the birds were doing fine from a health standpoint and decided to rebuild the lagoon. so the birds can have a place to come and nest hopefully this year again and be able to return to their normal status. >> the lagoon was originally established as a machines of dust control. it was filled with reclaimed water and became a popular site for birds and bird watchers. scattered showers fell across the bay area today. maybe on you as you went about your business today.
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here's what it looked like this morning in downtown san jose. not enough to make up for four years of drought. but a little relief to end an awfully dry winter. >> you forget your umbrella or basking in the water? >> this is how i was born. walking like this. >> it's going back up. that's a really good thing. >> south bay reservoirs are filled to about 75% of normal for this time of year. and the santa clara water district has scaled back a proposed rate hike from 71% to 16%. in the south bay in places like the east bay much much more dire. we need more rain everywhere around the bay area. snow in the sierra. >> it doesn't sound like it's coming sandhya. >> we'll switch gears from wet this morning to dry and warm again. the rain we got this morning was just enough to water your plants, right?
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>> yeah. >> you'll see the lack of moisture here, just some clouds showing up at this hour. the rain we got in the last 48 hours, about .10 in san jose. everybody else a few hundredths of an inch for everybody else. cloud cover lingering. right now san francisco's financial district in the clear. areas of fog overnight warmer days into the weekend, and record highs are possible as we head toward saturday. here's the setup, cold front came through. yes, there were a few snow showers in the sierras. but not much more. pattern changes ahead behind that front. high pressure starts coming in. the warming trend starts tomorrow. and it really continues right on into the start of your weekend plans. let's start our computer animation. 11:00 p.m. tonight, you see a little bit of fog starting to develop. patchy fog during the early morning hours for the start of the commute.
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and then we'll pretty much see sunshine for the entire bay area. we will repeat that pattern again as we head towards your friday. take a look at the week ahead. temperature trend for san jose. 74 degrees tomorrow afternoon. higher than today. going 76 friday. 81 on saturday. that would tie a record for this day. if it does hit 81, it is going to be a record setting day. 78 in san jose. really on sunday, and then dropping off early to middle part of next week. tomorrow morning, we're going to start off with cooler conditions than you saw this morning because we will not have the rain, we will not have the cloud cover. make sure you bundle up before you leave home. mid-40s to the low 50s. for the afternoon hours, expect sunshine around the bay area. south bay 75. morgan hill a degree higher. 74 santa clara. san jose blue skies on the peninsula. 64 in pacifica. downtown san francisco 69
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degrees. 64 in daly city. in the north bay we'll go with pretty mild weather here 76 santa rosa. 60s at the coastline. if you're going to be at the beach, keep in mind it's not going to be that warm just yet. in oakland hayward, inland spots. the forecast will feature warmer weather. look at saturday and sunday. i think some people will be heading to the beach. low 70s to low 80s. you'll need the sunscreen. shorts t-shirts kind of weather. and then temperatures dial back a little bit next week. st. patrick's day is tuesday. celebrations will start this weekend here in san francisco. and the weather is going to cooperate for that. >> thank you sandhya. still to come, a living tribute to a pair of celebrated twins. now reunited in a san francisco neighborhood. san francisco's newest residents are making themselves at home tonight. how you can help
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"ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play) ♪ i ride the highway... ♪ ♪ i'm going my way... ♪ ♪i leave a story untold... ♪ he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'... ♪ part of san francisco's cultural landscape, now reunited in a living memorial. the city today honored the late
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marion brown by planting a tree in her honor next to a memorial city they planted two years ago for her sister vivian. the famous twins smiled and charmed their way into notoriety. their spirits now live on in the trees. >> i can't imagine a better way to honor a life than to plant something as beautiful as a tree to make the city a healthier place, just as the twins made the city a more enjoyable place to live. >> the tree planting is part of the city's efforts to mark arbor day which is the last friday in april. every year public works dedicates a tree to community leaders and advocates. all right. three penguins are getting their cute on. as they join the colony today at the academy of sciences in san francisco. >> take a look, this trio of chicks was born last year. they spent several days bonding
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before they joined the colony of 14 african penguins. >> they're holding a naming contest for two of the checks. get in on that action. another 30 minutes of abc news at 9:00 just moments away. a newborn stolen from a hospital just 2 days old carried out in a bag. the problem of security in american hospitals. demonstrators and police square off at ferguson tonight after the police chief calls it quits. the discovery on the golf course causing a giant hazard. >> whoa another half hour of abc 7 news
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in arizona tonight a man was able to sneak a 2 day old girl out of a hospital. the unsuspecting hospital workers even pointing him to the front door.
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abc news reporter clayton sandel has the story. >> reporter: what the staff at banner thunderbird hospital in glendale, arizona, does not know at this moment is that hidden in that bag is a 2-day-old baby girl. the infant is wearing an electronic bracelet that locks doors and alerts the staff. but they don't notice that jason bristol has allegedly concealed his daughter under a blanket to evade social workers. and this hospital security system has a flaw. an emergency exit that only locks temporarily. bristol tries it once, but when the system resets, it unlocks. he gets away down a stairwell then out through the lobby. scenes like this are extremely rare. just 132 babies taken from hospitals since 1983. thanks to low and high tech security standard in places like rocky mountain hospital for children in denver. >> they check you at the front to make sure you have your badge. you have to sign in or get a badge. >> reporter: the hospital uses cameras at every door.
9:30 pm
special uniforms warnorn only in the maternity ward and electronic bracelets. >> it notifies the staff on the floor and security inside the hospital. but it also has the ability to shut doors, call audible alarms. >> reporter: bristol was later arrested. the baby girl fine. clayton sandel, abc news, denver. at least eight cases of ocular civil lis are under investigation in san francisco. it's a sexually transmitted disease that can cause blindness. symptoms include eye pain and blurred vision. it's almost all the cases that men have sex with men. the centers for disease control recommends that gay men get tested for civil is every six months. celebrating the resignation
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of the police chief and push for more changes in the department. at one point a confrontation broke out between police and the crowd. at least one person was arrested. chief tom jackson is the sixth city worker in ferguson to step down in recent days. pierre thomas has the details. >> reporter: ferguson police chief tom jackson finally gave in to the mounting pressure after that scathing justice department report last week accusing his force of systematic discriminating against blacks. until recently chief jackson had been defiant. >> let me just say that i do not intend to resign or step down. >> reporter: just this week the city manager and a key judge also resigned. that on the heels of a court clerk and two police supervisors who left after they were tied to a series of racist e-mails. including one referring to president obama as a chimpanzee, and another disparaging the first lady. >> our view of the evidence found no alternative explanation other than implicit and explicit
9:32 pm
racial bias. >> reporter: the justice report found african-americans make up 67% of ferguson's population, but represented 90% of those arrested. an interim police chief from inside the force has been named. which i'm sure some critics won't like. but the city plans a nationwide search for a new permanent chief. pierre thomas, abc news washington. a former ambassador to the united nations says if president obama reaches a nuclear deal with iran, it will leave us in quote, great peril. john bolten talks with abc 7 news for a policy briefing with the advocacy group the bay area council. 47 republican senators warned iran that any nuclear accord with president obama's team would expire the day he leaves office. >> if the president's worried that the involvement of these 47 senators jeopardizes the deal he's negotiating what that tells you is that this is a very
9:33 pm
fragile deal indeed. >> i think you have to ask what people are trying to accomplish. the author of the letter says he doesn't want these agreements to be made and he thinks before the judgment is even made that it's a mistake. >> secretary of state john kerry says the president has made it absolutely clear iran will not get a nuclear weapon. negotiators from the u.s. and five other nations hope to reach a frimwork agreement by the end of the month. twitter is about to update its rules from posting revenge porn. it will say you cannot post intimate photos without the subject's consent. under the new rules, twitter users who see unauthorized photos of themselves can report it to the company. those who post that kind of content intending to harass others could be suspended from twitter. the associated press is suing the u.s. state department to force it to release hillary clinton's e-mails from her days as secretary of state. clinton addressed her use of a private e-mail account yesterday calling it a mistake but saying
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she never violated the law. the a.p. says repeated requests to access the e-mails have gone unfulfilled. another major museum is banning camera extension poles that are known as selfy sticks. london's national gallery is the latest to ban the sticks as a precautionary measure to make sure artwork doesn't get damaged. several prestigious museums have already forbidden these devices that can be added to a cell phone to give you more of a reach away from your body. other museums that have banned selfie sticks including the new york city museum of modern art and washington, d.c.'s national gallery. google is opening its first-ever store. it will be in london and called the google shop. you'll find android phones, tablets, laptops. the mountainview company says it's a try before you buy store.
9:35 pm
they'll hold demonstrations showing off google apps. it's the first time google has opened a shop under its own name. amazon is considering of opening a shop in a stand alone location in new york. coming up, too many bikes. >> the tourist attraction that's threatening to take over a city. sunn
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it's the last shot for historic gun club in san francisco. the lease ends april 8th for the pacific rod and gun club at lake merced. public utilities commission said they must vacate so a $22 million anti-contamination project can begin. the club has been open for 80 years. it disputes the scope of the environmental cleanup of land contaminated with decades of lead shot and clay targets. the gun club will hold its final club shoot this saturday. it's a popular summer bike route, so popular one lawmaker wants to make it a little tougher for out-of-towners to access. crowds of people ride bikes in san francisco, then ride them across the golden gate bridge into sausalito. some say it's attracting way too many people. abc 7 news reporter cornell
9:39 pm
bernard has the story. >> reporter: it's a busy day at blazing saddles bike rental. tourists know exactly where they want to. >> sausalito is a highly visited destination for visitors to the san francisco bay area. and a bicycle is really the best way to get there. >> reporter: jeff said customers first get a safety briefing about navigating the narrow streets of sausalito where congestion among bikes cars and pedestrians is a problem. >> we have have been working with the sausalito city council and police department over the last several years to improve the situation over there. >> reporter: linda pfeiffer said 1,000 bikes a day come to sausalito during spring and summer. she says enough. >> i want to look at regulating the number of rental bikes, because it's a safety issue. >> reporter: pfeiffer doesn't have a plan yet but says return ferries to san francisco are always crowded, and some downtown streets have become
9:40 pm
bike parking lots. tourists say they wouldn't miss it. >> they say come to sausalito over the bridge. >> reporter: ken robinson said bikes bring tourists who bring money. >> if you're going to live here you can't have the butteeauty of sausalito and keep tourists out. >> i think it would be a little bit stupid. >> it's tilly being pro-tourist. it's pro safety. >> reporter: they're rerouting tour buses away from downtown streets. some bikes could be next. in sausalito, cornell bernard abc # p news. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00 the miracle baby who survived a car crash. >> the baby was trapped upside down as the car filled with
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new fallout tonight from the ruling in the blurred lines case. the jury deciding that pharrell and robin thicke stole their song from marvin gaye. now gaye's family is hoping to shut down sales of that mega hit. it's not the only battle. three iconic songs are suspected of being ripped off from other
9:44 pm
artists. here's lindsey davis. >> reporter: with jurors deciding in favor of marvin gaye's family that pharrell williams and robin thicke copied gaye's classic, now asking the court to prohibit sales of blurred lines. they spoke exclusively for the first time with abc news. >> when i first heard the song it was like, i've heard this before. >> reporter: many in the music industry now questioning where to draw the line between being inspired by other artists before you and stealing. see if you can hear the similarity. first blurred lines, then gaye's song. pharrell and thicke telling abc news in a joint statement, the ruling sets a horrible precedent for music. these type of conflicts are not
9:45 pm
unusual. zeppelin from the 1968 spirit song for stairway to heaven. listen to the comparison. first zeppelin, then spirit. ♪ meanwhile, another recent case quietly resolved out of court. listen to sam smith, and then tom petty's i won't back down. ♪ part of the gaye family said it's possible sales of the songs could be halted but it would only be temporary until both sides could come to an agreement as far as how to split the song's future earnings. lindsey davis abc news new york. an update on that miracle baby we told you about last night. 18-month-old lily survived when her mom's car plunged into a city outside salt lake city. the crash killed her mother.
9:46 pm
lily was trapped in her car seat for 14 hours upside down always the car started filling with water. tonight her father says she's been released from the hospital. he said his daughter is happy and singing. and appears to be doing much better. >> what a tragedy, though for the mother. one last check on the weather. we have no real rain to track anymore. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the latest. >> once the showers moved out of the picture we just saw some cloud cover. primarily in the 60s this afternoon. as you look at live doppler 7 hd, just a few clouds showing up right now. if you want some weather you have to head down towards the gulf coast states. showers around new orleans, 72 degrees. mid-60s in atlanta. cooler around boston and new york tomorrow afternoon. it will be in the 30s and 40s. 65 in minneapolis. out west we're looking at pretty
9:47 pm
mild conditions. 62 in seattle. speaking of west, 58 in tahoe 69 yosemite. 77 in chico. look at los angeles, close to 90 degrees. it's going to be unseasonably warm. temperatures will be in the 60s and 70s with sunshine for your thursday. the forecast, the warmth continues to build as we hit the weekend. we'll see the beach weather and going into next week staying dry, including st. patrick's day. >> thank you sandhya. the most depressing starbucks in the country just got a makeover. starbucks customers spoke out about this los angeles store and the java giant listened and reacted before the renovations. some customers said it reminded them of jail. some are saying it's the best starbucks they've ever seen. customers today commented on the lighting, the wood mural on the patio, and the bigger windows which are much less jail-like. the coffee was pretty much the
9:48 pm
same. surprise on the golf course tonight. check out the gator at the miaca pines golf club in florida. it was last seen lounging around the green on the seventh hole. golfers have been taking the two-stroke penalty because well, who wants to argue with this guy. despite a debate over the thenticity of the photos, the club said the gator is real, and it's huge. that's just crazy. >> i have seen dozens of gators in florida and south carolina in particular. i'll take a bogey. >> yes. warriors have a magical season so far. coming up in sports, playing host to detroit this evening. andrew bogut led the team in scoring in the first half
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coming up at 11:00, bullied, beaten and now back to school. the brave local student with a message he wants to share with other kids. booze now comes in a bag. the powdered alcohol coming to store shelves near you. not everyone is buzzing with anticipation. >> those stories and a lot more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7.
9:52 pm
a lot to talk about. warriors. >> warriors stay hot. >> good. >> the pistons came into oracle arena having lost seven straight. it appeared the warriors would have no problem chalking up win number 51. but it didn't come that easy. first half thompson with a nice move. sets up andrew bogut for the easy bucket. curry with the bounce pass to bogut for the monster jam. led by bogut's 12 points. here again, bogut going through the hoop. and greg monroe says no, not this time. a huge game with 27 rebounds and 22 points. back from the warriors, thompson with three of his team high 27. curry going to leandro barbosa for the corner three. the bench came up big for golden state. the warriors break it open late to win 105-98.
9:53 pm
now 51-12. the pac-12 tournament began today in las vegas. bears took care of washington state. cal got hot late in the first half and broke this game open. the senior with a jump hook. scored a team high 25. bird with the three. bears led by 11 at the break. cal did not let up in the second half. jordan matthews with 3 of his 19. the bears crush the cougars 84-59. but tomorrow they face top seed arizona in the quarter finals. stanford playing washington. anthony brown puts it up from beyond the arc and connection. huskies freshman kingman has matched his career high with nine now at the half. this game is tied at 32. with michael crabtree likely
9:54 pm
leaving and the 49 rersers in need of speed at wide receiver they signed torrey smith. he got a five-year deal worth $40 million. $22 million of that is guaranteed. the 26-year-old receiver caught 49 passes for almost 800 yards last season. he also scored 11 touchdowns. he's excited about joining colin kaepernick and the niners offense. >> he's a great player. i'm comfortable with him. he has a strong arm, and i can run. i hope i can help them out and take some pressure off of anquan, and whoever else is out there. that's my job to be the best player that i can be for the teesm team. smith joins the offense. they lose frank gopher. he spoke to the media after signing a three-year, $12 million deal with the colts. he said it was tough to leave but believes indy has what it takes to win a championship. >> i felt that feeling, i'm
9:55 pm
going to do whatever. i just feel like it's good for me to be here. i do really think this team got a great chance to get a ring. the fight of the century between manny and floyd mayweather. the two biggest stars held their first news conference today in l.a. the fight takes place in las vegas. some believe manny does have the speed and determination. it's called the super bowl of boxing. >> may 2nd, that's when the world stops. i want everyone to tune in. mayweather-and pacal. >> it's what you are waiting for. since five years ago. and we will do our best.
9:56 pm
jim hudson making his spring debut against the brewers. the giants haven't gotten much power this spring but brandon bell did a homer in the fourth. giants lose to milwaukee 6-3. the a's are off to a good start in arizona. billy butler gets all of this pitch. and marks it in the parking lot. this is part of a three-run second. cleveland got one run back in the fourth. former athletic brandon moss goes deep off fernando. oakland goes on to win 3-2. now 6-2 this spring. this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by toyota. warriors win again. >> that's great. >> love it. >> mayweather is 47-0. >> unbeaten. >> incredible. >> going to be tough. and thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time. we'll see you at 11:00.
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we are so lucky the hurricane only damaged grayson's house.
9:58 pm
mm. yes. that was really lucky. i love that you guys are forced to live here together until your place is fixed. it's like "the real world," if they did it with old and boring people. you know what my wake-up present was this morning? this one forgot to flush her pee. it's called "being green." (chuckles) i'm sorry i care about the future of our planet. think of the children.
9:59 pm
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